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Elegant Property

At Elica, property development is more than building homes, it’s about providing a better quality of life and creating vibrant sustainable communities. We believe in the fundamentals of thoughtful planning, creative design and careful attention to detail. We invest in the latest building techniques and technologies to ensure that we can deliver outcomes that are relevant, enduring and offer outstanding value for money.

We also believe in sustainable development and respect for the environment in two key dimensions. First, we seek to minimise the environmental impact of all our projects through innovation, engineered solutions and the careful choice of materials. Second, we take care to incorporate green spaces and sensitive landscaping to deliver an enriching and healthy environment.

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Beyond achieving big dreams, we are in the business of growing BIG people. We encourage long term business partnerships through diverse collaborations and a healthy serving of respect. Our in-house team consists of a combination of multi-faceted skilful individuals to cater to our customers and investors. From design, engineering, construction and property management – we care to take our innate attention to detail across all boards. After all, our desire to continue delivering award winning developments is rooted in our deep love for people.


Board of Directors

Dato Bobby Ting Sie Ching

Managing Director

Pauleni Tsai Khar Chiew

Deputy Managing Director

Sun Suk Ping

Director / Sales Manager

Esther Kong Chung Ming

Finance Director


Sales & Marketing Team

Joyce Khoo

DIgital Brand
Marketing Manager

Carissa Goh

Sales & Marketing

Ivan Nyam

Sales & Marketing

Arlene WIlliam

Sales & Marketing

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